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No damage Reusable magic hook

No damage Reusable magic hook

  • Magic Hook Specification:
  • 1. No glue, reusable, washable
  • 2. No hacking of nails on walls.
  • 3. waterproof and dustproof
  • 4. No stains or marks on the surface when removing them
  •    magic hook             
  • 5. Glue on most smooth and even surfaces, new material
  •    Can also be used for a little rough surface
  • 6. Decorative, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • 7. The working temperature is between -20 ° C and 80 ° C

Why choose us 



1. We are one of the earliest factories in mainland China for non-marking products manufactured since 2010.

2. We have patents for magic hooks and many kinds of holders

3. Our products passed the REACH test.

4. We cooperate with well-known companies such as Daiso, QVC and supply sufficiently high-quality products.

5. We hold improvement techniques that developed products from generation 1 to generation 3 and combine reusable and highly sticky perfect.

6. We offer our best service and engineer support to comply with the customers' products, welcome OEM and ODM.



Magic Hook FAQ



 1st Q: Will the hook break or nail the wall? What is the principle for Magic Hook?


   ON: No, the principle is vacuum, no glue, no nail, it is not marking and reusable after peeling off.


 2nd Q: For which type of surface can the magic hook be used?


   ON:  Any flat and smooth surface, not suitable for wallpaper, concrete walls, cardboard and rough surfaces. For our generation 3 material can be used on a small rough surface.


3rd Q: Can the magic hooks be used in the bathroom?


   ON:  Yes, it may, it is waterproof after sticking to the wall.


4th Q: How long can the Magichook be used?


   ON:  Many customers asked this question, but there is no standard in this area because different interfaces, different users would cause different results. However, the longest test time for us is almost 10 years since the first launch of this project and we are still working well.



5th Q: What is the material of the magic hook?


   ON: PET + SEBS + PC or PET + PU + PC


6th Q: How many colors can do?


   ON: Clear, white, monochrome, full 4C colors, solid color, ie any color can be created.


7th Q: What is the maximum weight?


    ON: --Material A is 0.5-5kgs depends on the different size. For example, 6 cm in diameter, maximum weight 0.5 kg and 9.4 * 9.4 cm, it is 5 kg.


       --- Material B is 1-7kgs depends on different size, for example, diameter 6cm, maximum weight is 1kgs and 8 * 9cm, it is 5kgs. And 9.4 * 9.4 cm is 7kgs


8th Q: What is the difference between material A and B?


   ON: First, both are not marked and removable and reusable


        --- Compare with material B, material A is easier to remove and more stringent to the surface, and the maximum weight is lower.


        --- Compare with material A, material B is harder to remove and can be used on a slightly rough surface. The maximum weight is twice as high as that of material A.



9th Q: What is the MOQ?


  ON: Clear is not a minimum order, color 1 is 6000 pieces with 3 designs. If the amount is even lower, the price is much higher, as there is a setup fee for printing.


10th Q: What can we do if the magic hook becomes dirty?


   ON:  Wash it and let it dry before using it again. Simply hold the magic hook in the plane and do not bend it to avoid distortion.


11th Q: Is the magic hook environmentally friendly?


   ON:  Yes, we passed the REACH test.


12th Q: Is there a patent problem when we buy from you?


   ON:  No, we have a patent, we make sure that there is no patent problem.



Magic Hook specifications





product size

 8 * 9 cm

hook type



PET + SEBS + PC or PET + PU + PC


4C full color

Maximum weight

2 kg or 4 kg

Suitable surface

Material A: Any smooth and smooth surface

Material B: Any smooth and slightly rough surface



Sample time

 12-15 days for OEM, Stock: 1 day

such conditions

If there is no printing or special request, it is free

delivery time

25-35 days


polybag, polybag + white card. Color box, paper card + blister, mailbox

terms of payment

TT, L / C



 Magic Hook FlowChart


Magic hook service





 Magic Hook Certificates: REACH





 Magic Hook exhibition




1. Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 20.-23. October 2019 booth number is 3E-C6


2nd Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 20.-23. October 2018 booth number is 3E-C33


3rd HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2017Apr 20-23, booth number is 5BC07


4th Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1, October 20-23, 2017, booth number is 3D-C16


5. Iran Plast 13.-17. April 2016, Hall 40 - International Permanent Exhibition Center Tehran, Stand 14


6th Canton Fair, Part 2, 23.-27. April 2016, booth number is 11.1 M06


7th Hong Kong Mega Show, Part 1, October 20-23, 2016, number 3E-F40


8th Chinaplas 2015 from 20th to 23rd of May, booth number is 13.2L65


9th Canton Fair, Part 2, 23.-27. April 2015, stand number 11.1L25


10th Canton Fair, Part 2, October 23-27, 2015, booth number 11.1M01


11th Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 October 20-23, 2016 Stand number is 3T-40


12th Hong Kong Mega Show, Part 1, October 20-23, 2014, booth number is 3T-40


13th Hong Kong Mega Show, Part 1, October 20-23, 2013, booth number is 3D-A7


14th HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2012Apr 20-23, booth number is 5B-E34


15th Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 October 20-23, 2012 booth number is5E-H5


November 16, December 30, 2011 2.2 GlobalSourcing Fair --- Home Products, ShanghaiNew International Expo Center, booth # 03C45.


17th Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 October 20-23, 2011, booth number is 3T-40


July 18 - 7, 2011, HKTDC Summer Sourcing Show for Gifts, Housewares & Toys2011, Booth No.:3F-D13


19 April 20-23 2011, HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair, Booth No.: M4-A54


Jan 20, 11-14 2011, Global Sourcing Fair: Home Products, Global Sourcing Fair: Gifts and Awards, Both No: 1K07


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