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Wrist bandWrist bandWrist bandWrist bandWrist bandWrist bandWrist band

Wrist band

  • Products name: Wrist band
  • Product Material: Liquid silicone rubber
  • Delivery time: 30 days
  • Packing: Polybag, box or customized

Why Choose Us 


1. Our Chief engineer graduated in 1991 from Hubei Polytechnic University Molding major and started work for mold design since 1991 for plastic injection molding, especially good at over-molding. And since 2002 to start to design LSR injection molding. Until 2016, he has designed 5086 sets plastic and silicone injection molds.

2. We design and produce molds for PIC, TUPPERWARE, HONEYWELL and HUAWEI.

3. We have 15 years experience in LSR over-molding, PIC’s projects almost all are over-molding. We have enough experience in how to stick LSR with other material and how to make the mold precise enough.




1. Q:

What kind of material can use with LSR co-molding and how their performance?



     --Metal: stick well, and temperature resistance also well.


     -- Nylon: stick is the best of these 3 kinds of material, but for colors, not so good in control.


     -- High temperature resist PC: both stick and temperature resistance are not as good as metal and nylon.


2. Q:

Why for over-molding molds can not build too many cavities or too large?



For over-molding molds, the precise request are very high, if build too large or too many cavities, it would be very hard to adjust balance when doing mass production.


3. Q:

Liquid silicone rubber mainly use for which field?


A:  Mainly use for medical products, baby products, some complex industrial products, over-molding, ware products, some sealing products and so on.


4. Q:

How we know the price and whether the product can use liquid silicone rubber to make or not?


A:  Send us drawing please, and our engineer will evaluate details according to the drawing and offer some suggestion to let the design more suitable for production if necessary


Products specifications


Products name

Wrist band

Product Material

Liquid silicone rubber

Delivery time

30 days


Polybag , box or customized





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