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2018 HK 메가 쇼 초대장

우리는 2018 년 10 월 20-23 일에 홍콩 메가 쇼 1 부에 참석할 것이며, 둘 다 3E-C33이며, 기다리고 있습니다!
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매직 훅 Facotory 및 영업 부서 :
쉔 젠 케이 링 기술 유한 회사
빌딩 A, Jiali 공업 지대, Gaofeng 커뮤니티, DaLang Sub-District, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

실리콘 고무 / LSR 제품 공장 : 동관 Hongjun 전자 과학 기술 유한 회사
실리콘 고무 제품 공장 주소 : 빌딩 3 층, YiHeng 도로, BuLong 공업 지대, 연길 마을, FengGang 타운, 동 관시, 광 동성, 중국

전화 : + 86-755-28079257 팩스 : + 86-755-29734462
모바일 / 채팅 / Whatsapp : + 86-15989868161  

Skype : alisonwong0362

전자 메일 : alison@siliconerubberproducts.com
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자주 묻는 질문

1. What is information we need to offer to get a quote?
Generally speaking, before we quote, we need to know the product’s size, weight, structure, printing artwork if have, and need to do coating or not.
2. How we know whether the design is ok or not?
Send us drawing please, our engineer will evaluate.
3. What is difference for cold runner and hot runner?
Cold runner mold price higher than hot runner mold, but hot runner mold material wastage during production more than cold runner mold. So, if quantity is small, can consider to use hot runner mold, and if quantity is large, to use cold runner mold would be better.
4. What is automatically LSR injection molding?
The products can be got off from the molds by air blowing system, no need workers to operate.
5. What kind of the surface the magic hook can be used for?
Any plain and smooth surface, not suitable for wallpaper, concrete walls, cardboards and rough surfaces.
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