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Silicone Rubber / LSR Factory: Dongguan Hongjun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Adresse d'usine de produits en caoutchouc de silicone: 3F, bâtiment A, route de YiHeng, zone industrielle de BuLong, village de YanTian, ​​ville de FengGang, ville de DongGuan, province de Guangdong, Chine

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Lsr injection massagerLsr injection massagerLsr injection massagerLsr injection massagerLsr injection massagerLsr injection massagerLsr injection massagerLsr injection massagerLsr injection massagerLsr injection massager

Lsr injection massager

  • Product size :10*10*7.5cm /4.5*4.5*3cm
  • Product Material:Liquid silicone rubber
  • Product Color:Clear or customized

Why Choose Us 


1. We have 10 years experience for lsr injection molding products

2. We cooperate with Honeywell, Panasonic such famous company and supply good enough quality products.

3. We offer our best service, even customer want to establish lsr products department, we also help them without any rewards, such like NK in Malaysia.

4. We especially good at lsr injection over-molding products.

5. We can make automatically LSR injection molding molds.




1. Q:

Is there any requests of the machine type for over-molding product molds?



     Generally speaking, to use vertical machine would be better for parts position fix. But for many of our over-molding molds, we can design to consider both vertical and horizontal machines. But for workers operator, horizontal machine is the first option.



2. Q:

What is difference for cold runner and hot runner?



Cold runner mold price higher than hot runner mold, but hot runner mold material wastage during production more than cold runner mold. So, if quantity is small, can consider to use hot runner mold, and if quantity is large, to use cold runner mold would be better


3. Q:

What is the hardness that LSR can do?


A:  10-90 shore A


4. Q:

How we know the price and whether the product can use liquid silicone rubber to make or not?


A:  Send us drawing please, and our engineer will evaluate details according to the drawing and offer some suggestion to let the design more suitable for production if necessary


Technical specifications



Lsr injection massager

Product size

10*10*7.5cm /4.5*4.5*3cm

Mould Material


Product Material

Liquid silicone rubber

Product Color


Product Surface 

High polish

Delivery time

20-25 days


Bulk, polybag, color box, paper card+blister

Payment terms

TT,  L/C




 Process Flow Chart






























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2. HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2017 Apr 20-23, booth number is 5BC07


3. Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 Oct 20-23, 2017, booth number is  3D-C16


4. Iran Plast April 13-17, 2016,  Hall 40-Tehran International Permanent Fairground, booth number 14


5. Canton Fair 2nd part  April 23-27, 2016, booth number is 11.1 M06


6.  Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 Oct 20-23, 2016 booth number is 3E-F40


7. Chinaplas 2015 during May 20-23, booth number is 13.2L65


8. Canton Fair 2nd part April 23-27, 2015booth number 11.1L25


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12. Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 Oct 20-23, 2013 booth number is 3D-A7


13. HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2012 Apr 20-23, booth number is 5B-E34


14. Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 Oct 20-23, 2012 booth number is 5E-H5


15. November 30-December 2,2011,Global Sourcing Fair---Home Products, Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre,Booth No.: 3C45.


16. Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 Oct 20-23, 2011 booth number is 3T-40


17. 4-7 July 2011,HKTDC Summer Sourcing Show for Gifts, Houseware & Toys2011,Booth No.: 3F-D13


18. April 20-23 2011, HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair, Booth No.: M4-A54


19. Jan 11-14 2011,Global sourcing Fair: Home Products, Global sourcing Fair: Gifts&Premiums, Both No: 1K07


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